How can I manage many accounts with one email address?
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How can I manage many accounts with one email address?
Question started by pieterh
09 Nov 2009 12:37

Wikidot lets you use email addresses like "", which goes to the account "". By putting whatever you like in the "+stuff" part you can create unique email addresses, but in fact they all arrive in the same account.

This seems as good a source as any: Google Tutor » Gmail + Aliases
Also, you may be interested in reading the official documentation.

The first source says that only a maximum of eight characters can be used after the + symbol. In fact, this is incorrect as much longer aliases will also work.

E.g. If my regular email was, then I could do this: and I'd know that anything sent to me at that address originally came from wikidot or from a site that they gave my email address to (Grr!)

It also means that I can create multiple accounts all with the same email address:

And I'd only have to log into to get emails for both accounts.

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