Where can I find & edit the menus — left, right or top ?
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Where can I find & edit the menus — left, right or top ?
Question started by Helmuti_pdorf
18 Oct 2009 15:46

As long as you haven't (yet) changed the naming convention in your wiki in the site manager, these are standard wikidot pages under a special category named "nav:"

  • Side menu you can find and edit under "nav:side" ( key in the Url address: http://your-site-name.wikidot.com/nav:side )
  • Top menu you will find and edit under "nav:top" (Url address: http://your-site-name.wikidot.com/nav:top )

When you've found them, click on the edit button at the bottom (newbies often forget!). If you've lost any menu structure you can always reset the nav page to an older version using the history button.

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